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Digital Manifesto

Digital-Manifesto.net is a set of principles for digital solution delivery based on “evolution over revolution”¬†through continuous assessment, insight, learning, support, maintenance, operations, delivery, testing, improvement, innovation, intelligence and collaboration:

Digital Assurance

Digital is the digitalisation process of behaviours and interactions, resulting in an continuously adaptive innovative business model.

Automation As A Service

Over five years we have been developing a azure cloud based solution to provide true “Test Automaton as a Service” (TaaaS) using a hybrid automation approach specifically designed with the Hybrid Cloud (Private/Public) in mind to utilise the instant scalability, flexibility and availability of the Cloud

Business Story Manager

Business cases for new systems usually understate the challenge of delivery and delivering on time. Progress in IT projects is often measured using IT-focused metrics that have little meaning to stakeholders. Business projects use business language to define business goals and manage progress and so should IT.

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