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Keynote – Hybrid Automation (API) feat. Testing in the Hybrid Cloud & Beyond

2014 May 7
by jonathon.wright

Hybrid Automation (API) feat. Testing in the Hybrid Cloud & Beyond

A much overlooked and critical element of the modern day cloud ecosystem, is the interlocking web of dependencies often hidden and unknown to its varied clients and customers. For example, Google location services, or the Amazon eCommerce and fulfillment infrastructures are present in a myriad of services often at a level far removed from the core functionality.

The modern cloud aware, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are uniquely vulnerable to interlocking failure modes, caused by simple outages of services not perceived to be core or even present. The concept of private cloud computing has added an extra level of complexity to the Solution Under Test (SUT) ecosystem without solving any of the existing infrastructure challenges. Even normal operations of an interlocking web services can be perceived by an end user or client as an error.

The full value of both Messaging & API testing of complex ecosystems can be unlocked by utilising the power of Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) platforms. These can be utilised to support testing of any ecosystem that has multiple hybrid cloud endpoints which span numerous Platform(s) / Infastructure(s) as a Service (PaaS / IaaS) providers