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STARWEST 2012 – Track – California

2012 October 4
by jonathon.wright

Challenging times demand more creativity.  STARWEST will fill your testing tool kit with innovative ideas that will help you become a better test leader. Get better organized, improve your processes, and strengthen your skills so that you can be more efficient and accomplish more with less.

Test Automation as a Service

We’ve all heard the claims that cloud computing will, without any up-front investment, provide instant scalability, flexibility, and availability for testing-on-demand. But how well does this work in practice? Is it really the perfect environment to create powerful testing solutions? If so, why would your businesses invest in creating its own custom test automation frameworks to support your solution lifecycle management, when there’s a solution to meet everyone’s needs? Based on his experience, describing recent successes and the pitfalls to be avoided, Jonathon Wright explores these questions, and the pros and cons of using the “Testing as a Service” model. Sharing real world examples, he shows how you can transform the automation services in your organization and how you can take your company on the journey into the cloud regardless of your automation maturity. Influence and contribute to the future direction in the “Testing as a Service” community.