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STARWEST 2012 – WorkShop – California

2012 October 2
by jonathon.wright

Code Coverage is for Testers too

Projects often set a goal of 80%, 90%, or even 100% code coverage. So, what is code coverage anyway, and why can it mean many different things? How can testers help the team reach its coverage goals? And why should we care about code coverage anyway? From a tester’s perspective, Julie Gardiner explores the variety of code coverage metrics, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each, and gives examples of how these metrics are used in real projects. Through demonstrations and exercises, learn about a plethora of coverage metrics—statement, branch, decision, branch condition combination, and more. Julie describes the automated tools teams need to calculate and evaluate code coverage. Leave with the confidence to ask about your project’s current coverage levels, the knowledge to set realistic coverage goals, and the ability to guide testers and developers to improve your project’s code coverage.