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BCS – SiGIST – December – Keynote

2011 December 13
by jonathon.wright

Keynote presentation on “Testing as a Service” at the BCS SiGIST Conference:

Testing as a Service (TaaaS)
Jonathon Wright
Co-founder of + Innovation & Automation Competency Lead

The current economic climate is making companies review their approach to IT even more closely. From a recent Computer Weekly article: “… the prediction that 60% of the average enterprise will have 60% of its applications in the cloud.” (Karl Flinders, 19/10/11). However, the same vision could also extend to IT services and particularly testing. Existing technologies of virtualisation, business process modelling, cloud based test automation tools and rapid and easy internet access allow for the development of approaches that allow companies to order testing as a service and pay only for what they use. There is no need to spend large sums on test environments and data, test tool selection and maintenance. The use of cloud based services mean you can select the right level of service at a time when you need it and at the volumes you need it whether it is one or one thousand testers on one or many environments, located locally or around the world. The use of service allows dynamic scaling within minutes. This presentation introduces the approach that we are taking to evolve this service to our existing clients.

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